The Inkling of Spring

Today marks the first sabbat of the new calendar year. Imbolc, a Celtic celebration honoring the Goddess Brigid that just so happens to fall right between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox. It’s a time when we can start to see the natural world rustling a little from its dark, wintery slumber. The crocuses and daffodils might start popping out of the frozen earth, the days become ever so slightly longer and if you live a more agricultural life it’s also a time when your baby animals are born and mothers are lactating to feed their young.


(Photo from my personal cameraroll of pastoral Ireland, County Kerry, 2008.)

I’ve always been very connected to the Goddess Brigid. She’s a fire Goddess and is a patron of the arts (spark of inspiration), black smithing (forging your ideas) and medicine (healing). My Irish Godmothers name is also Brigid so I have a very positive, nurturing association with her. Brigid has always been a spitfire and a huge supportive presence in my life. Whatever I created she always loved and encouraged me to pursue.

Being a spiritually minded person, I’m always looking at the ways in which my path mirrors my inner world and the outer world. Coincidences and synchronicities are constantly around me but I often wonder if these things don’t happen to me more than most folks, it’s just that I have an awareness so I simply notice mine more. I used to think I was a delinquent witch, not really setting up altars or doing proper rituals for all of the Sabbats and the moons. Until I realized my life is one living, breathing ritual. Everything I do is steeped in my beliefs and world-view. I see signs, patterns and omens in nature and I take them to heart. To me those things are ways of Spirit telling me if I’m on the right path or going astray.

I do keep altars in my home, it keeps me centered. I get daily visual reminders of the things I chose to keep close and the things I am trying to manifest in my life. You’ll always see an area devoted to my Goddesses, a smaller working altar for spell work and a larger ancestral altar (gee I wonder why those sugar skulls keep coming…). If you are a client then I’m sure you’ve noticed that I also keep an altar with candles going in my workspace as well. It just keeps me focused and helps that “good mojo” to flow.


(Above, featured are some of my altars at home.)

In the light of reforming my delinquent witchy ways, I hereby declare this blog as sacred space and yet another “altar” of mine. This will be a place where I can share a bit about the things I celebrate spiritually and how those things show through in my work.

Here are a couple of tattoos from just this week. A little springtime, floral beauty to get you all excited about the returning of the sun and longer days to come.




Nawlin’s Bound

I’m up today at 8am because I need to rise at 4am tomorrow to catch a flight down to one of my favorite places on earth, New Orleans, Louisiana. I realize I have been slacking with getting this blog thing together. The design still needs to be finalized but I wanted to at least update with a post before I skip town for The Big Easy!

I’ve been blessed in so many ways on my path as a tattooer. Recently I’ve had an abnormal influx of requests for Sugar Skulls and all things Day of the Dead. I’m big on working with my ancestors and have just begun going down the genealogy rabbit hole. So when patterns in my life, my work and the universe seem to be in synch I pay attention! To me, it’s just another way of my ancestors smiling down on me and showing me their presence even through the veil.

Here are a few samples. Some new, some not.






Now on my way to New Orleans, a town that is thick with the energy of its own ghosts and history, I am ready to soak up its wisdom and come home inspired for more. We’ll see what comes to me and if I can keep on with this streak of sugar skulls and ancestral work.

Let the bon temps rouler!


Rebel Ink Oct 2011



Me and my burlesque ladies from my feature article in Rebel Ink. From left to right clockwise: Nikki Le Villain, La Maia, Gigi La Femme, me Scarlet Sinclair and Nasty Canasta. Photo by Luke Ratray.

If anyone is interested in obtaining a copy of this issue, contact me!


Tinkering around…

Hey folks.

Scarlet here. Caught in a tiny bubble of trying to figure this custom blog thing out. In the meantime I’ll try to at least post some pretty pictures for you to look at while I bore myself with the minutiae of color palettes, font sizes and background images.

Alfonse Mucha

Until I make the official announcement, please pardon the appearance of my new official webspace! It’ll be pretty soon I promise.