Nawlin’s Bound

I’m up today at 8am because I need to rise at 4am tomorrow to catch a flight down to one of my favorite places on earth, New Orleans, Louisiana. I realize I have been slacking with getting this blog thing together. The design still needs to be finalized but I wanted to at least update with a post before I skip town for The Big Easy!

I’ve been blessed in so many ways on my path as a tattooer. Recently I’ve had an abnormal influx of requests for Sugar Skulls and all things Day of the Dead. I’m big on working with my ancestors and have just begun going down the genealogy rabbit hole. So when patterns in my life, my work and the universe seem to be in synch I pay attention! To me, it’s just another way of my ancestors smiling down on me and showing me their presence even through the veil.

Here are a few samples. Some new, some not.






Now on my way to New Orleans, a town that is thick with the energy of its own ghosts and history, I am ready to soak up its wisdom and come home inspired for more. We’ll see what comes to me and if I can keep on with this streak of sugar skulls and ancestral work.

Let the bon temps rouler!



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